Generator spare parts
What can Power World do for you?

Power world is supplying open type, silent type, container, and trailer for industrial use genset, residential use genset, commercial mobile genset and tenancy genset, power covering 5 to 2000KVA. The technical staffs are technically well-experienced in diesel generator producing, which guarantee our immediate putting forward solutions for your requirement.


Filter is to provide excellent protection for machine and reduce owning and operating costs. Comprising air filter ...... maximizes component service life.

  Cooling and Antifreeze    
Cooling and Antifreeze

Coolant extends the standard replacement cycle, during which offers the best protection. The coolant reduces maintenance costs, while good coolant is...

  Upkeep Service    
diesel upkeep service

No matter where is your genset, we provide advice and visit at any time on your side. To enable you to further standardize the ways to maintenance…


Lubricant is to reduce abrasion of spare parts and protect parts from corrosion. Lubricant that Power World used is specially designed for clean, lubrication, cooling...

generator accessories

It affects customer’s evaluation of generator quality whether adopts Original spare parts or not. To ensure the usage of original spare parts ...... set up a special...

  Quality Assurance    
generator quality

Power World fully understand that power failure, closedown and maintenance might cause severe losses to the customer. No matter in what kind of condition…

  Water cooling ES.    
water cooling diesel engine

Water cooling engineering service Diesel engine produces a lot of heat at work which is taken care of by the cooling water system. Meanwhile the heat produced by the genset…

  Maintenance ES.    
maintenance engine

Nearly one hundred professional technicians are ready to take care of your engine, operating in accordance with the technical specifications and the maintenance ...

  ATS cut over ES.    
ats diesel

The transfer switch senses when utility power is interrupted, and starts up the generator if the utility power remains absent. In about five to ten seconds….

  Cable ES.    
cable engineering

Tray-type cable testing bridge is widely used in the petroleum, chemical, power, light industry, television, telecommunications and other aspects. It is of light weight...

  parallel connection ES.    
parallel connection engineering

Several generators are connected to be a higher power generator to supply power. The required load decides how many gensets are needed. (The genset has minimum fuel...

  Compensation ES.    
Capacitance Compensation

Capacitance Compensation Engineering Service In addition to resistive load, the majority of electrical equipments (such as motors, transformers, welding machines...

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