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What can Power World do for you?

Power World is connected with all the partners in project processing. With rich experience in application support, cost and performance calculation (technical document included) Power World completely worth of your trust. To learn more about generating machine systems, installation and application support, fuel efficiency, and the advantages and other aspects of compact-type engine.

  Cost & performance    
diesel generator prices

Power World is the world's leading diesel generator manufacturer, our generator power ranges from 20kw to 2000KW, Power World's...

diesel generators knowledge

Through Power World's training courses, our customers can get and update our product information via Internet to in long-term;

  Technical Support    
diesel generator technical

Power World offered rich technicial knowledge on diesel generator sets to customers. In order to help them to realize and handle various errors...

diesel genset brands

Diesel genset from by Power World is powered by world wild famous engine brands. No matter customersare,agents or terminal users...

diesel generator installation

Power world has devoted to machinary and equipment installation and machine room engineering for many years,Now we has gathered...

diesel generator FAQs

Here are answers to many of the most commonly asked questions regarding diesel generators collected by Power World to help customers.....

diesel generator downloads

Power World has collected many FAQ and technical parameter to enable customers to identify and reduce the genset failure...

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