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Diesel generator installation and application support

Power world has devoted to machinary and equipment installation and machine room engineering for many years,Now we has gathered a group of well-trained generator service engineers under united and unisonous management, we strive for the best price, best quality, best service , the fastest speed, maximum efficiency for customer service.Our installed diesel generators are widely used high-rise office buildings, hotels, hospitals, mining, rural, mountainous field operations, enterprises, institutions such as schools or specialized households of power and lighting purposes.

We supply service of renting diesel generator sets and factory power distribution equipment, designing and installing of genset paralleling, machine room noise reduction, exhaust gas treatment, maintenance, replacement of the original spare parts and accessories.



1、Diesel generator installation location should be well-ventilated, generator’s air inlet side should be sufficient space, diesel engine side should has good outlet. the Outlet area should be 1.5 times greater than the radiator area
2、The land around the Diesel generators should be kept clean, must avoid placing any items which can produce acidic, alkaline or corrosive gases and steam nearby. If possible, configure a Fire-fighting equipment is best.
3、When use Indoor, exhaust pipe must be guided through outdoor, diameter of the exhaust pipe diameter must be ≥ muffler’s outlet pipe diamerter; to ensure that exhaust flow, the connection qty of the elbow pipe should be not more than 3, to prevent rain water injection, we need to keep the pipe 5-10 degree tilt down; If the vent pipe is installed vertically upward, it must be fitted with a rain-Covers at the end.
4、The diesel generators need to be on concrete basis when installation, the basis’s sufface shall be measured by levelling instrument to ensure it is horizontal. Between genset and base there should be shock-absorbing pad or base bolts.
5、Genset’s exterior case must have a reliable protective earth-connection, if the genset has neutral point to be connected to earth directly, it must be handled by professionals, and must configure a lightning protection device, Mustnot use commercial power’s grounding device for genset’s directly neutral earth connection.
6、The two-way switch for genset and Commrcial power net must be very reliable to prevent reverse transmission. The reliability of two-way switch wiring need to get the inspection and approval of local electricity sector.

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From industrial use and household genset to mobile and Tenancy use genset,power world supply various golden quality genset to meet all kinds of industrial requirements
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