Generator Solutions:
What can Power World do for you?

Power world is supplying open type, silent type, container, and trailer for industrial use genset, residential use genset, commercial mobile genset and tenancy genset, power covering 5 to 2000KVA. The technical staffs are technically well-experienced in diesel generator producing, which guarantee our immediate putting forward solutions for your requirement.

  Building solutions    
diesel generator for building power solutions

Power World Power solution support normal operations of various type of building and facility.Generator is widely applied on...

  Rail way station solutions    
diesel generator for railway

Railway station, Power World electrical solutions is power guarantee for railway station.How to do with a sudden power failure...

  Communications industry    
communication industry power supply

Power World power supply guarantee the communication industry Communication industry generators are mainly used in power station...

  Outdoor Project Solutions    
diesel generator for outdoor power solution

Outdoor projects, Power World Power Solutions can complete any project’s demanding test Many organizations around the world are using Power World Power programs...

  Solution for power station    
diesel power station

We offer a turnkey solution for power station as a auxilliary power In power station, auxilliary power is nessary for emergency...

  Outdoor primary power    
outdoor power generation

Power solution from Power World can be applied in severe outdoor environment for constant operation

  Hospital Solutions    
hosptial power generation

Hospital, Power World electrical solutions is available to satisfy the special requirements of hospital power supply.Similar to power demands of...

  Bank solutions    
diesel engine solution for bank

Bank, Power World electrical solution is the core and basis of bank electronic technology and equipment Bank holds large advance computers...

  Oilfield solutions    
Oilfield solutions

Power World electrical solutions can meet the oilfield power requirements Power World can provide whole solutions for oilfield ...

mining solutions

Power World Power Solutions can meet all the needs of mine power Mine power solutions help improve the efficiecy of mining and smelting operations. Generator...

  Solution for military    
power solution for military

Power World’s power solution ensure the supply for military. Diesel gensets are mainly apply to outdoor prime power...

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