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Diesel generator cost and performance computation

Power World is the world's leading diesel generator manufacturer, our generator power ranges from 20kw to 2000KW, Power World's core values is to provide quality, reliable, operating economics and high level of service. we has a group of high-quality talent for cost and performance calculation, who can help you decide Which model is the best for you, so you can get the optimal performance with the lowest cost for.

1. Reasonably determine the cost object: The so-called cost objects is the objects that the expenditures originate from, or a cost attributable to. To do cost calculating, you must first determine the cost object. If the cost object is inaccurate or inappropriate determined, it will greatly increase the difficulty of caculation, the ourcome of costing can not meet the needs of enterprise management, and even we can not complete the task of cost caculation.
 How to determine the cost objects? In general, the cost object is the beneficiary of all consuming thing, which is the output after various cost inputs, it is the direct product resulted from activities of "to create". For example, the industrial goods from factories, foodstuff from farms, schools-trained students, the film, television dramas, plays and other performances from literary organizations,all are "product", they all are the objects of cost calculation.

2. Reasonable set up the cost items: to reflect the product cost more comprehensively and systematicly, thereby make the cost computing to be able to provide rich information, in the calculation of product cost, we not only calculate the total cost and unit product cost, but also classify the total cost by use to reflect the composition and structure of product cost . Thus, it is convenient for us to control the cost, also facilitate our analysis of the economic benefits from production and make it easier to appraise the production sector.



The product performance we generally refered, in fact, it is means the product's features and quality aspects. Function is the primary elements of competition. Users buy a product, firstly they buy the function, that is, the ability to achieve some kind of acts. Product quality is the degree to achieve its function and remain in use during the function, quality can be defined as "the degree of realization of function and measure of durability" , it make easy to be parameterized during design and assignment



POWER WORLD "" Brand P Series diesel generator’s power, electric and control unit are with the world’s advanced products and technology, it has excellent cost performance, reliable quality assurance, fully meet international standard and exceed domestic industry standards. The gensets are widely used in telecommunication systems, highways, construction companies, financial systems, hotels, railways, military, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, residential areas and many other important areas. We have a lot of good customers in china already. Meanwhile, the company committed to develope more in international market, the current HS-diesel generators have been popular in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia,etc. Tt is highly praised by foreign experts diesel genset’s end users.

To support the nationwide diesel generator sets and industrial engines’s timely supply we have set up a large diesel generators spare parts warehouse in the domestic market. We know the importance of product quality and after-sales service for diesel generator sets, so we have a rapid response team of excellent after-service, uphold "2 +24" the principle of premium services. For the customer who purchased our diesel generators, we provided intimate pre-sale service, professional on-sales service, perfect after-sales service, supply high quality genset products and strong after-sales support, ensure that each genset we produced to achieve customer satisfaction.

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From industrial use and household genset to mobile and Tenancy use genset,power world supply various golden quality genset to meet all kinds of industrial requirements
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